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Insightful & actionable SEO audits recorded on video

Get a professional SEO audit of your website with actionable feedback in the next four days.

Glenn Gabriel Bona
SEO & Content Strategy Manager
Omniscient Digital

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Find out what’s stopping you from ranking

We’ll provide actionable feedback on SEO improvements to help improve your rankings and keep website visitors on your site for longer.

Video Audit



  • 15-minute video review
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Private, high-definition video
  • Delivered within four business days
  • Post audit action plan

What clients have to say

“With Omniscient, we 10x'd our blog traffic and established a content strategy we're excited about that's defensible and sustainable. I'm so grateful for their continued help and support throughout this process.”

Ilona AbramovaHead of Content

“Omniscient helped us kickstart our content efforts and streamlined our process. More importantly, our organic traffic has seen significant growth.”

Emils VeverisHead of Digital Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO audit?

A search engine optimization (SEO) audit is an evaluation of your website’s health and performance.  With some manual checks on Google combined with professional SEO tools, we’ll be able to gather insights on how well your website has done in the eyes of a user and Google.  From there we can make some recommendations (if any) on improvements that could help you long-term.

How long does an SEO audit take?

It usually depends on the size of the site in question but we promise to get your audit finalized in 4 business days.

What should I expect to receive from my order?

One SEO audit comes with a 15-minute in-depth video analysis that covers Google index checks, page-by-page analysis, UX feedback, and a look into a website crawl tool.  You will also receive a summary doc with steps on how to fix problems, individual sheets with link errors in question and a recommend weekly action plan depending on what was addressed.

Can I purchase more than one video audit?

Of course!  Please understand that we only do one website per audit.  If you’d like to review several websites, you’re encouraged to purchase the equivalent number of SEO audits.

Can you help non-English site?

Unfortunately, we only offered reviews of websites in English.  SEO can become increasingly more complicated when reviewing outside of our native language.  It can be harder to find technical issues and we just wouldn’t do it justice.  Our recommendation is to find a SEO who is fluent in that language.

Can you review a website I don't own?

Yes, that’s fine with us as long as we aren’t reviewing adulting, gambling, or any particular niche that may seem questionable.

Do you only make SEO recommendations?

We’ll also be making comments on design and what our first impressions are on particular pages.  Since bounce rate is a ranking factor for SEO, site experience is something we’d like to communicate in our audits when we get the opportunity to.

Do you offer refunds?

If you feel dissatisfied with your delivery, we will grant a 100% refund.  We just ask that you don’t abuse the privilege by constantly ordering and refunding.

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