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There’s one big question you have to answer before working with subject matter experts: Do you want the SME to write the content or will someone in your organization? How you go about finding SMEs and the process you follow for that content all depends on your answer.

Karl Hughes, founder and CEO of, said that there are two approaches. First is the coaching approach, the second is the collaborative one. In this episode, Karl walked us through the pros and cons of each, how to find SMEs, and how to convince them to work with you.

Karl covered:

  • Two approaches to creating content with SMEs
  • Coaching is more work upfront, but less work overall
  • Collaborating is less work upfront, but more on the backend
  • Use bylines and learning as motivators
  • Don’t go to Upwork, go to your network
  • Look for people already writing in your niche

Alex Birkett
Co-Founder, Omniscient Digital

Finding & Hiring Subject Matter Experts