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Growth-Focused Technical SEO

Most technical audits are massive spreadsheets full of unuseful, unactionable, and unimpactful noise.

You don’t have time for that.

We focus on the most impactful technical SEO fixes that are most likely to generate meaningful results.

“I've got high standards for great content and have been able to trust the Omniscient team to build upon my voice and scale content production. I was hesitant at first about outsourcing content since I wanted to maintain my distinct style, but they've effectively captured that, and have produced content that has absolutely resonated with my audience.”

Dave GerhardtFounder of Exit Five, previous CMO at Drift & Privy

Companies we’ve helped grow

How We Do It

We move through a five-step process:

  1. Align on your business goals and challenges preventing you from reaching them
  2. Technical audit of website
  3. Document all potential fixes and action items
  4. Prioritize action items by level of effort and potential impact
  5. Present recommended actions

Align on your business goals

All our efforts start with understanding your goals and the challenges preventing you from reaching them. Without that context, we might jump from one tactic to the next with no direction.

Conduct technical audit of the website

We review your website performance, architecture, content, linking architecture, and structured data. Some examples of what we look for:

  • Site indexation and crawlability
  • Site map review
  • Internal linking structure
  • 404s and redirect errors
  • Canonical tags
  • Title and URL optimization

Document all potential action items

We document all the potential changes that could be made to get a full view of issues.

Prioritize action items

Rather than give you a massive list of fixes with no guidance, we do the prioritization for you so you can focus on the most impactful work.

Our deliverable includes a concise list of opportunities that are most likely to have the biggest impact on your organic traffic.

We prioritize these action items based on level of effort and potential impact.

(We won’t recommend you update meta descriptions on all your pages.)

Present recommended actions

Our recommendations focus on the 20% of improvements that are most likely to generate the most impact to get you closer to your goals.

We provide guidance and recommended methods for implementation so you can get straight to work instead of trying to comprehend an unactionable spreadsheet.

Results clients have seen


GatherContent grew organic sessions 867% and blog-attributed leads 62%.


Lokalise kickstarted their content program and grew organic traffic 280%


Smartling grew organic traffic 56% and got 352 new page 1 rankings


AppSumo grew organic traffic 843% and revenue from organic traffic 340%

Let’s work together

We’ve helped B2B software companies turn content and SEO into growth channels. Let’s do the same for you.

Full-service engagements start at $10,000 a month.