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The 10 Best SaaS SEO Agencies in 2024

If you are reading this post, you probably already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to your SaaS business’s success. 

Hiring a reliable SEO agency will help you increase your website’s visibility, drive more traffic, and ultimately boost your conversions. 

But with so many marketing agencies out there, which one should you choose? 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top SaaS SEO agencies to help you make an informed choice.

The 10 Best SaaS SEO Agencies in 2024

  1. Omniscient Digital
  2. Growth Plays
  3. Straight North
  4. Powered by Search
  5. Skale
  6. WebFX
  7. SimpleTiget
  8. Flying Cat Marketing
  9. OGM
  10. Flow SEO

1. Omniscient Digital

Best For: Organic growth program management for high scale SaaS brands 

Notable Clients: Jasper, HotJar, Adobe, Loom

Services: SEO strategy, content writing, link building, technical SEO, analytics and monitoring, optimization, Google Analytics audits and setups

Omniscient Digital stands out for its focus on content-driven SEO strategies. 

Renowned for crafting high-quality, authoritative content, they excel in elevating SaaS brands into thought leaders in their respective niches. 

Their strategy revolves around in-depth research, understanding client personas, and creating content that not only ranks but also educates, engages, and most importantly, converts and drives attributable revenue. 

Their track record with high-profile clients like SAP and Adobe testifies to their capability in driving organic growth at scale. They’ve also built programs from scratch for SaaS startups like Jasper, Shipyard, and Order. 

The company has analytical capabilities to attribute leads and revenue derived from content and SEO. They excel at high scale execution. And they build out a custom strategy for each client (no templatized playbooks). Want to win? Work with Omniscient

2. Growth Plays

Best For: Scale-Up SaaS Companies, Technical SEO and migrations

Notable Clients: Calendly, Heap, Lattice

Services: Content strategy and planning, On-Page and Technical SEO, Content optimization

Growth Plays is renowned for helping scale-up SaaS companies expand their organic footprint and drive qualified leads and pipeline 

Their expertise in SEO content sets them apart, allowing clients like Lattice and Calendly to dominate search results across various regions. 

They balance technical SEO expertise with a nuanced understanding of regional search engine nuances, making them an ideal choice for SaaS companies looking to globalize their presence.

3. Straight North

Best For: Lead Generation, B2B SaaS

Notable Clients: Clover, Conduent, Chicago Bears

Services: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Display Advertising

Straight North is a powerhouse in lead generation for B2B SaaS companies. They offer a robust mix of SEO and digital marketing services, focusing on driving qualified leads. 

Their portfolio is a mixture of small to medium businesses as well as enterprises, which demonstrates their ability to integrate SEO with broader digital marketing strategies, leading to substantial ROI for their clients.

They’re a full service digital marketing agency, also offering creative services, paid advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads), display advertising, social media marketing, and more. 

Best For: Integrated Marketing Solutions, Mid-Market SaaS

Notable Clients: Basecamp, VMWare, Elastic

Services: SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Automation, Account Based Marketing (ABM), Web Design

Powered by Search excels in offering integrated marketing solutions tailored for mid-market SaaS companies. 

Their holistic approach combines SEO, PPC, ABM, and conversion rate optimization to create cohesive and effective digital strategies for B2B brands. 

Powered by Search is a performance marketing agency focused on demand generation for mature SaaS companies. If you need a mixture of growth strategies and channels to drive revenue this year, check out Powered by Search. 

5. Skale

Best For: SEO management and link building for mid-market SaaS

Notable Clients: Flodesk, TestGorilla, Yieldify

Services: Performance Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Analytics

Skale is the go-to agency for startups and growth-stage SaaS companies focusing on organic performance marketing. 

Their agile approach to SEO and content marketing allows them to adapt quickly to the dynamic needs of startups like Flodesk and TestGorilla as well as growth-stage businesses like G2 and Yieldify. 

Skale’s strength lies in its data-driven strategies and its ability to track and optimize for performance metrics, ensuring high ROI for its clients.

They offer SEO migrations, SEO management, SEO content production, and link building. 

6. WebFX

Best for: Full service digital marketing for enterprise brands

Notable clients: Wrangler, Sysco, Verizon

Services: Everything

WebFX is another one of the best SaaS SEO agencies out there, though they offer a much more comprehensive set of digital marketing services than most on this list.  

They offer a comprehensive SEO approach that includes keyword research, link building, and technical optimization. 

WebFX has a team of expert SEO consultants who work with you to understand your business’s goals and create a customized SEO plan that meets your needs. With their expertise in everything from backlinking strategies to local SEO tactics, you can be sure that your SaaS business is in good hands.

Beyond SEO, they also offer a slew of services like ecommerce SEO, programmatic advertising, programmatic SEO, conversion rate optimization, user experience testing, and social media marketing. Truly a full service digital agency. 

Also, note, I don’t know anyone who has worked with WebFX. They just appear on every one of these best SEO agencies lists, so I had to add them here as well (because, well, SaaS SEO strategy)

7. SimpleTiger

Best for: Search engine marketing solutions for MarTech

Notable clients: Capsule, Bidsketch, Totango

Services: SEO, Keyword Research, Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building, Paid Search, Paid Social

SimpleTiger – cool company name as well as a top SaaS SEO agency that helps SaaS companies dominate search engines. 

They do it through both SEO and PPC, the salt and pepper of search engine marketing. 

Working with brands of all stages, seed to public, they emphasize their agile process and quick time to results. With a comprehensive suite of SaaS SEO services, they can get you from plan to execution, driving organic traffic in a timeline that actually works for startups. 

8. Flying Cat Marketing

Best for: Programmatic SEO for SaaS companies

Notable clients: Stonly, MixMax, ActiveCampaign

Services: B2B content writing, SEO consulting, programmatic SEO

Flying Cat Marketing – another one of the top SaaS SEO companies with an awesome name. 

From planning to high scale execution, Flying Cat has driven impressive results for tons of great companies. 

Their SEO efforts begin with custom SaaS SEO strategy and flow directly into high quality content production aimed at organic search results. 

9. OGM

Best for: SEO program management for growth-stage SaaS companies

Notable clients: Gorgias, Klaviyo, ShipBob

Services: SEO program management, SEO strategy, keyword research, link building, content marketing management

Organic Growth Marketing (OGM) is one of the best SEO agencies I know. 

They work with elite SaaS companies like Klaviyo and ProfitWell, driving massive organic traffic growth and acting as a partner SEO team for top brands. 

They’re no frills compared to much of the SEO industry, a team of SEO experts focused on high magnitude actions, not one off technical SEO audits or content creation that doesn’t move the needle. 

10. Flow SEO

Best for: Bespoke search marketing management for B2B SaaS

Notable clients: Mailcharts, Betterworks

Services: SEO content creation, multimedia SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Analytics

Flow SEO is a team of SEM and SEO experts who are data-driven and approach organic traffic holistically. 

They’re an agile agency with a focus on early to mid-stage SaaS brands who have tons of marketing efforts to manage. They analyze your target audience, find relevant keywords, and come up with an SEO strategy to drive results across marketing channels. 

With a proven track record, they partner with your internal marketing team to drive online visibility using both paid and organic methods. 

How to Hire a SaaS SEO Agency

Now, determining the best SaaS SEO agency for you is where the work comes in. 

You’ve got a list to choose from, but how do you actually make your decision? Look for these three criteria:

Services offered

Obviously, the most important factor is this: do they offer what you need?

Hey, and you may not even know what you need. You may actually get some value from their “discovery call.” Personally, 75% of my sales calls are just doing a little back and forth ideation session, and some percent of the time, I turn them away because they don’t even need SaaS SEO in the first place! 

But look, they’re going to need a few things to be useful:

  • Do they manage and analyze Google Search Console data (table stakes if I’ve ever heard it)?
  • Do they monitor search engine results and rankings?
  • Which SEO tools do they work with?
  • Do they do web development or migrations?
  • Internal linking audits?
  • Content creation? 
  • Link building services?

You’re not going to need all of it, but most great SEO agencies either offer or partner with others to offer these things. None of it is super useful in isolation (for what is tech SEO without any content to rank in the first place?)

One thing you’ll want to ponder: do you want a full service or a specialized agency? 

Here’s my opinion (and it’s only a very biased opinion): specialized agencies are more effective. 

Yes, you’ll have to manage a few of them versus just having one vendor to get through procurement. However, all-in-one agencies typically DO specialize in one thing and then acquired a bunch of other agencies or tacked on a bunch of other services that they half-ass. 

I’d rather whole ass one thing than half-ass a bunch of things. 

Also, every SEO agency can do keyword research. It’s not a differentiator, and you could learn yourself how to do this in like two weeks. 

Track record and reputation

First off, the best case scenario is that your SaaS SEO agency has actually worked with a SaaS company or two. 

SaaS businesses have particular approaches that work, and importantly, the SaaS marketing funnel differs from other businesses (e.g. ecommerce) when it comes to analytics and attribution.

So what’s their track record with SaaS businesses? 

Ideally, also, their track record in the SaaS niche should include case studies that actually map to business results. Keyword rankings? Decent. Organic search traffic? Better.

Leads, pipeline, or revenue attributed to an SEO campaign? Best. 

Call me old fashioned, but I like a SaaS SEO growth strategy, not just a traffic generation strategy (or worse, a useless audit that gets swept to the dustbin of a Google Drive). 

Note, also, the SEO world is small, and the SaaS niche is smaller. Ask around. Other digital marketing experts in your network might know them, or just see if you can ask their current clients what it’s like to work with them. If they’re afraid to introduce you, that’s a red flag. 

The company’s online presence also matters, but less so. You can easily fake the perception of authority, but word of mouth is pretty solid evidence. 


You already know cost is important. Maybe you even have a budget. 

But I’ll tell you this: you usually get what you pay for. SEO specialists, true ones who understand digital marketing strategy at a high level, are expensive. 

There’s a point of diminishing returns, but I’d flinch at a low price like $2k a month. You probably don’t need to spend $50k a month unless your goals are truly ambitious (in which case, talk to me). 

But beware the dream to outsource SaaS SEO for pennies on the dollar. Usually the clean up and fix costs way more than if you had just hired a professional from the start. 


Choosing the right SaaS SEO agency is crucial to your business’s growth and success. With my carefully curated (and not at all biased) list of the best SaaS SEO agencies, you can make an informed decision about which agency is best for your needs. 

Whether you are looking for a data-driven, customized approach, or a full-service agency, these SEO agencies offer the expertise and experience necessary to help you achieve your business goals. So, choose an agency and watch your SaaS business grow.

Alex Birkett

Alex is a co-founder of Omniscient Digital. He loves experimentation, building things, and adventurous sports (scuba diving, skiing, and jiu jitsu primarily). He lives in Austin, Texas with his dog Biscuit.