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Modern SEO, Information Gain, and Organic Revenue Attribution with Parthi Loganathan (LetterDrop)

Modern SEO, Information Gain, and Organic Revenue Attribution with Parthi Loganathan (Letterdrop)

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In this conversation, Parthi Loganathan, the co-founder of LetterDrop, discusses his approach to SEO and content creation. He emphasizes the importance of understanding user intent and providing unique and valuable content. Parthi also highlights the concept of information gain and its role in standing out from competitors. He discusses the evolving landscape of SEO and the need for multimedia and authenticity. Additionally, Parthi explains the difference between demand creation and demand capture in marketing strategies. The conversation covers topics such as omnichannel approach and niching down, inbound leads and approach to LinkedIn, revenue attribution and marketing metrics, brand marketing and revenue-focused marketing, trends in SEO and demand generation, and investing in marketing skills for the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on user intent and provide valuable content to stand out in SEO.
  • Strive for information gain by offering unique perspectives and diverse opinions.
  • Embrace multimedia and authenticity in content creation.
  • Differentiate between demand creation and demand capture in marketing strategies. An omnichannel approach and niching down can help businesses compete in different categories and target specific customer needs.
  • LinkedIn is a valuable platform for demand generation, and building authentic relationships is important for success.
  • Revenue attribution is complex, but directionally measuring what’s working and driving revenue can inform marketing strategies.
  • Both brand marketing and revenue-focused marketing have their place, and measuring outcomes for each can provide valuable insights.
  • The majority of companies still rely on old-school SEO and could benefit from a more strategic approach.
  • Investing in skills such as understanding the business, critical thinking, and adapting to change is crucial for marketers in the future.

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Time Stamps

  • [00:00] Goals and Expectations
  • [01:55] Influence of Google Experience on SEO Approach
  • [06:30] Table Stakes and Information Gain
  • [10:35] Opportunity for Information Gain
  • [13:04] Google’s Challenges in Delivering Information
  • [19:02] Demand Creation and Demand Capture
  • [22:26] Defining Demand Creation and Demand Capture
  • [26:14] Approach to Distribution
  • [27:19] Omnichannel Approach and Niching Down
  • [29:46] Inbound Leads and Approach to LinkedIn
  • [34:18] Revenue Attribution and Marketing Metrics
  • [40:07] Brand Marketing and Revenue Focused Marketing
  • [46:14] Trends in SEO and Demand Generation
  • [49:43] Investing in Marketing Skills for the Future

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