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Link Building that Drives Growth

You want links to drive rankings for your content, and ultimately, you want that content to rank, bring in organic traffic, and drive revenue.

We create a digital PR strategy that includes the most effective link building tactics to support your growth goals.

We guarantee high-quality links on legitimate websites with a minimum domain rating of 50.

“We've published over 100 articles which has also directly led to new business. We've created over $1M in annual recurring revenue through our blog.”

Austin DistelSenior Director of Marketing

Companies we’ve helped grow

Our Approach to Digital PR

When you boil it down, the secret to SEO success is just this:

Content and links.

Turns out, however, that producing amazing content at scale is very difficult, and so is link building.

You either have to build the capacity in-house or hire a freelancer or agency.

Building the capacity in-house requires a lot of resources for outreach, relationship building, and content production that typically falls outside the job description of a content marketer.

If you’ve hired a freelancer or agency for link building before, you eventually learn they’re building a bunch of spammy links on content farm websites or adding links in their other unsuspecting clients’ content.


Given this conundrum, we take a different approach based on three principles.

Results clients have seen


GatherContent grew organic sessions 867% and blog-attributed leads 62%.


Lokalise kickstarted their content program and grew organic traffic 280%


Smartling grew organic traffic 56% and got 352 new page 1 rankings


AppSumo grew organic traffic 843% and revenue from organic traffic 340%

Digital PR is one input to organic growth.

Backlinks are an important input to building an organic growth engine, but not an end in itself. They’re a means to an end that accelerates your organic growth efforts.

Here’s what that means for working with us: We’re a content growth agency so if we don’t deliver tangible growth through organic traffic, we’re not doing our job.

We place links that create lasting impact to ensure your content continues to improve in rankings, bringing in more organic traffic and leads over time.

Great digital PR is great business development.

There is no generic playbook to digital PR and there’s no cold email template that will give you a 90% response rate.

Great link building takes a lot of relationship-building.

Fortunately, we’ve spent the last decade building relationships in B2B software and have a large rolodex of editors at hundreds of publications.

Transparent reporting on links.

We communicate all the links we build for you including the website the link was placed on, the page that’s linked to, the anchor text, and domain rating of the link placement.

We don’t fudge the details or try to hide spammy links (we don’t build those).

We guarantee backlinks on domains with a minimum domain rating of 50.

Let’s work together

We’ve helped B2B software companies turn content and SEO into growth channels. Let’s do the same for you.

Full-service engagements start at $10,000 a month.