About Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital is a premium content marketing agency that helps B2B software businesses build and scale their inbound customer acquisition efforts.

Our team has worked at B2B software companies like HubSpot, Shopify, Workato, and People.ai and run editorial processes at companies like Backcountry and Clearlink.

We’ve developed and run content and SEO playbooks for these companies and now we’re helping other B2B software companies build winning content strategies that translate into business results.

We’re anchored by three core concepts.

  1. Content marketing is a growth channel and should be tied to business metrics, not just traffic.
  2. Absurdly high-quality content is a moat that, over time, becomes very difficult to compete with. We pour time and resources into producing the best content so your competitors won’t be able to easily copy you.
  3. There’s always a smarter way to do things. We’re constantly learning and tweaking our processes to maximize results for clients and make it easier to work with us all while maintaining a high bar for quality.

Learn more about the principles that guide our business.

The Team

David Ly Khim

Head of Strategy & Ops

David is co-founder of Omniscient Digital and Head of Growth at People.ai. Previously growth product manager at HubSpot.

Alex Birkett

Head of Sales & Marketing

Alex is co-founder of Omniscient Digital. Previously Senior Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot. He lives in Austin, Texas.

Allie Decker

Head of Content

Allie is co-founder of Omniscient Digital and Senior Content Manager at Shopify. Previously Head of Content at Kloudio and Content Marketing Manager at HubSpot.


Glenn Gabriel Bona

SEO & Content Strategy Manager

Glenn makes sure our clients are set up on a content strategy that meets their business goals. Previously Creative & Content Marketing Manager at Kaizen Clicks.

Karissa Barcelo

Content Growth Marketer

Karissa produces The Long Game podcast and Office Hours and runs our marketing programs.

Seema Nayak

Editorial Strategist

Seema makes sure our clients receive the highest quality content that drives traffic and leads. Previously Editor and Content Strategist at Sked Social.

Sam Lund

Managing Editor

Sam manages our editorial process and output. Previously Content Director at backcountry.com and Editor in Chief at fi'zi:k cycling, Sam lives in Park City, Utah.

Mason Yu

SEO Outreach Manager

Mason manages our outreach program and is a Senior SEO Specialist at ClickUp.

Bernard Aguila

Outreach Specialist

Bernard ensures clients get high quality links to help improve search rankings and grow traffic.

Let’s work together

We’ve helped other B2B software businesses grow through content marketing. Wondering if we can do the same for you? 

Full-service engagements start at $8,000.