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About Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital is an organic growth agency that helps B2B software companies turn content and SEO into growth channels.

Our leadership team has led initiatives in content, SEO, and growth roles at B2B software companies like HubSpot, Shopify, and Workato and run large-scale editorial processes at companies like Backcountry and Clearlink.

We’ve developed and executed growth strategies for these companies while in-house and have since helped build organic growth programs for companies like Jasper,, Vendr, and Hotjar.

We’re anchored by three core concepts.

  1. Content marketing is a growth channel and should be tied to business metrics like leads, pipeline, and revenue in addition to traffic.
  2. Absurdly high-quality content is a strategic moat that is very difficult to compete with. We pour time and resources into producing the best content so your competitors won’t be able to copy you easily.
  3. There’s always a smarter way of doing things. We’re constantly learning and tweaking our processes to maximize results for clients and make it easier to work with us while maintaining a high bar for quality.

Learn about our principles.

The Team

The folks behind Omniscient Digital. Interested in joining us?

alex birkett
Co-founder, Head of Growth

Alex Birkett

New York, NY, USA

Alex is co-founder of Omniscient Digital. Previously, he was Senior Manager of Experimentation at Workato and Senior Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

allie decker omniscient digital
Co-founder, Head of Client Success

Allie Decker

Chicago, IL, USA

Allie is co-founder of Omniscient Digital. Previously, she was Senior Content Manager at Shopify, Head of Content at Kloudio, and Content Marketing Manager at HubSpot. She lives in Chicago, IL.

Allie’s recommendations:

david ly khim
Co-founder, CEO

David Ly Khim

Boston, MA, USA

David is co-founder of Omniscient Digital. He previously served as Head of Growth at and growth product manager at HubSpot, where he worked on new user acquisition initiatives on the marketing and product teams. He lives in Boston, MA.

samuel lund
Managing Editor

Sam Lund

Park City, UT, USA

Sam is our Managing Editor and oversees the editorial process and output, ensuring clients receive high-quality work. Previously, he was Content Director at and Editor in Chief at fi’zi:k cycling, He lives in Park City, Utah.

Organic Growth Strategist

Shana Aguilar

New York, NY, USA

laura gray omniscient digital
Organic Growth Strategist

Laura Gray

Boston, MA, USA

Organic Growth Analyst

Jillian Baxter

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Editorial Lead

Nia Gyant

San Diego, CA, USA

Nia Gyant is an Editorial Lead at Omniscient with roots as B2B SaaS content writer with an affinity for martech. She specializes in writing product-led content that generates leads and revenue and loves tackling thought leadership projects on rapidly-evolving topics like AI. She lives in San Diego, CA.

Nia’s recommendations

Editorial Lead

Megan Otto

Denver, CO, USA

Megan is an Editorial Lead at Omniscient Digital. She works directly with writers to ensure content quality and assist in editorial operations. Megan lives in Denver, Colorado and spends her free time outdoors exploring the Rockies or curled up inside with a good book.

Megan’s recommendations

Editorial Lead

Taylor Arnette

Boston, MA, USA

Taylor is an Editorial Lead at Omniscient Digital. She holds a BS in Film & Television as well as an MFA in Fiction (Boston University). She has worked as a copyeditor and proofreader for AGNI Magazine, Restless Books, and Boston Hospitality Review. Taylor is also a novelist and short fiction writer, and is a recent recipient of a St. Botolph Emerging Artist Award.

cass rosas
Team Lead, SEO Outreach

Cass Rosas

Mexico City, MX

Cass leads the SEO outreach team at Omniscient Digital. She previously worked in the SEO team at as a Content Marketing Team Lead, specializing in developing content strategy and leading the link-building and outreach efforts. She’s based in Mexico City.

Cass’s recommendations

SEO Outreach Specialist

Bernard Aguila

Cebu, Philippines

Bernard Aguila is an SEO Outreach Specialist at Omniscient Digital. He manages Guest Post production, outreach campaign, and link-building. He’s based in Cebu, Philippines.

Project Manager

Leila Rebizzi

São Paulo, Brazil

Leila, a Project Manager based in São Paulo, Brazil, boasts a diverse background, including project, people, and product management roles at Pfizer, Abbot, Omron, and Bairesdev. Beyond her professional life, she is passionate about traveling and exploring diverse culinary experiences. Leila values organization, open communication, and teamwork, continuously seeking growth and collaboration in her professional journey.

Where our team is based

Our team is distributed around the world.

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