The Omniscient Digital team

We’ve worked with reputable companies ranging from early-state to scale-ups with growth strategy, SEO, and content marketing.

David Ly Khim


Alex Birkett


Allie Decker

Head of Content

Irina Nica

Head of Outreach

Karissa Barcelo

Content Growth Marketer

Teona Coleman

Executive Assistant

About Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital is a digital content marketing firm that helps businesses of all sizes build out and scale their inbound customer acquisition efforts.

We’re anchored by three main concepts.

First, content marketing is a business function and should be tied to business metrics. Your CMO, CFO, or other stakeholders should be in unanimous agreement.

Second, absurdly high-quality content is a tactical moat, and over time, becomes very difficult to compete with. We pour time and resources into producing the best content you’ve seen so your competitors won’t be able to easily copy you.

Third, there’s always a smarter way to do things. We’re constantly learning and tweaking our playbooks to make it easier to work with us and to maximize the return we bring clients while maintaining a high bar for quality.

Learn about the principles that guide our business.

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