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Kitchen Side: The Impact of Google SGE and AI on Business, Human Behavior, and Society

Kitchen Side: The Impact of Google SGE and AI on Business, Human Behavior, and Society

The marketing world is being impacted by AI advancements and the upcoming Google Search Generative Experience (SGE), prompting discussions on how to prepare and adapt without relying on speculative predictions. The rise of generalists in the business world may be a result of the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of technology and marketing.

In this episode of Kitchen Side, Alex Birkett, Allie Decker, and David Ly Khim discuss the possible effects of AI on marketing. The conversation highlighted the importance of not relying on speculative predictions but rather focusing on tangible plans and strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

The conversation recognized the importance of staying informed about AI advancements and their potential impact on the marketing world. They emphasized the need to adapt and update strategies as technology progresses, in order to remain competitive and effective in the industry.

They also explore the impact of the Internet and technology on social behavior and society, discussing the balance between convenience and friction in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you want to hear more about our conversation, make sure to tune in to the full episode.


  • Speculation vs Preparedness
  • Diversifying Content
  • Google’s Gen AI Results 
  • Reducing Human Interaction 
  • Content growth agency 
  • Over-optimizing for a channel 
  • Balancing Specialization and Humility 
  • Exposure to Other People’s Opinions
  • Marketing Leaders’ Views on AI 
  • Importance of Seeking Different Viewpoints

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What is Kitchen Side?

One big benefit of running an agency or working at one is you get to see the “kitchen side” of many different businesses; their revenue, their operations, their automations, and their culture.

You understand how things look from the inside and how that differs from the outside.

You understand how the sausage is made. 

As an agency ourselves, we’re working both on growing our clients’ businesses as well as our own. This podcast is one project, but we also blog, make videos, do sales, and have quite a robust portfolio of automations and hacks to run our business.

We want to take you behind the curtain, to the kitchen side of our business, to witness our brainstorms, discussions, and internal dialogues behind the public works that we ship.

Listen to the podcast:

Key Takeaways:

[00:13:59]  Speculation vs Preparedness 

The importance of being prepared for the new Google search feature, rather than making speculative decisions based on limited information.

[00:15:53]  Diversifying Content 

Importance of diversifying content and distribution channels for SEO.

[00:17:09] Google’s Gen AI Results 

Speculation on how Google’s Gen AI results will summarize and surface solutions for B2B searchers.

[00:24:29]  Reducing Human Interaction 

Discuss the trend of reducing human interaction and increasing convenience, and how generative AI is fitting into that trend.

[00:32:08] Content growth agency 

Their agency’s approach to future-proofing their business is by building domain models and brand POV exercises to figure out what their brand actually says and cares about.

[00:36:40] Over-optimizing for a channel 

How over-optimizing for a channel can have adverse effects, using the example of a LinkedIn marketing agency that optimized for the format of the channel but actually lowered results from a business perspective.

[00:44:29] Balancing Specialization and Humility 

Discuss the importance of being open to learning from others and being effective in other parts of the business, while also protecting oneself from burnout.

[00:53:36] Exposure to Other People’s Opinions 

They discuss how they have adopted certain beliefs without questioning their origin and how social media can influence people’s opinions.

[00:56:18] Marketing Leaders’ Views on AI 

Shares his conversations with other marketing leaders about AI and how it is not as threatening as it is portrayed on social media.

[00:57:51] Importance of Seeking Different Viewpoints 

Talks about the importance of seeking diverse inputs and viewpoints from different people to triangulate and form a more realistic and rational opinion.

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David Khim

David is co-founder and CEO of Omniscient Digital. He previously served as head of growth at and Fishtown Analytics, and before that was growth product manager at HubSpot where he worked on new user acquisition initiatives to scale the product-led go-to-market.