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Get more traffic and leads from your content portfolio

Your content isn’t performing as well as you’d like.

You’ve optimized it for search, built links, updated calls-to-action, but you’re still not seeing results.

Our Content Update Report (CURe) goes beyond headers and alt text to transform old content into high-performing content that generates traffic and leads.

Let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of your content portfolio.

“Omniscient helped us make sense of 100+ dead blog posts with data-driven ways to make them useful. They're helping us build up our domain authority with excellent content strategy and production. They're proactive about sharing metrics and results and I get to watch our search rankings roll in each week. I have peace of mind about SEO and content.”

Eric HannSenior Director of Marketing

Companies we’ve helped grow

Old, outdated content damages your brand. Broken links, outdated information, ancient images… All these things create a terrible user experience for readers and decrease your chances of converting them into a lead.

Your outdated content isn’t doing you any favors–you need a content refresh.

“We've published over 100 articles which has also directly led to new business. We've created over $1M in annual recurring revenue through our blog.”

Austin DistelSenior Director of Marketing

How we optimize existing content

We start by generating a report that identifies content opportunities across your website. This is where most agencies conclude their content audits.

We go further by prioritizing content updates based on the highest growth potential.

That means you’re not updating content just for the sake of updating content. You can expect the updates to support growth in traffic, leads, or both.

We leverage the content you’ve already created to find high-impact opportunities for improvement that you might otherwise miss.

Audit content portfolio for growth opportunities

We pull data from multiple sources including Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Search Console, and Google Analytics to identify key update opportunities based on business goals.

Prioritize growth opportunities

It’s not helpful to receive a list of content improvement opportunities with no actionable next steps. The CURe prioritizes recommendations and action items based on your goals.

Implement the content updates

We can support with implementation. We’ll take the highest effort updates off your plate while you implement the lower effort updates.

Monitor content performance

Once your content has been updated, we’ll monitor and report on traffic and conversion performance.

What a content update report looks like

We’re focused on the bigger picture

The CURe goes beyond a list of metadata, H2, and keyword updates. It widens the scope to include product mentions, content gaps, industry trends, CTA placements and lead magnets, and new data that could enhance your content to help hit your marketing goals.

Grow traffic and conversions without creating more content

You’re sitting on a gold mine of organic leads, but you’ve been scrambling to hit your production velocity, traffic and lead goals, and find time to manage a ton of stakeholder requests.

You’re not alone. This is the state of the vast majority of content teams.

By identifying high-potential, but underperforming content and diagnosing concrete actions to improve their traffic and conversions, we’ll help you get more out of your existing assets.

Let’s work together

We’ve helped B2B software companies turn content and SEO into growth channels. Let’s do the same for you.

Full-service engagements start at $10,000 a month.