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How to set up content operations to scale your content production

Join us for two hours and learn from three practitioners who are growing companies with content and SEO. You’ll learn their strategies and how you can apply them in your job.

May 19, 2021 at 11:00 EDT

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To build a business that grows sustainably, you need organic traffic

You can’t control whether or not your product goes viral, but you can control whether your website and product get found on Google.

Businesses have built sustainable growth channels with SEO-informed content as part of their customer acquisition strategy.

That begs some questions:

  • How do you compete on SEO with more reputable sites?
  • How do you create SEO-informed content that matches what people are looking for?
  • How do you create a holistic SEO and content strategy that aligns with business growth (not just traffic growth)?

SEO has become a necessity of building a sustainable business. Let’s find out how you can turn content and SEO into a growth channel.

3 SEO & content strategists

People actually growing businesses with content and SEO.

Derek Gleason

Derek Gleason

Lead Analyst, Workshop Digital

Derek has spent the past 10 years working at the intersection of content and SEO. That type of work can look like many things: ensuring a site is technically sound, so that search engines can access and understand existing content; helping clients identify the topics and content formats that make the most sense; and executing content projects (large and small).

Alina Benny

Alina Benny

Sr. Content SEO, Nextiva

Alina is the Senior Content SEO Lead at Nextiva where she grew their organic traffic by over 500% in less than 12 months. With 5+ years at the intersection of B2B product marketing, content, and SEO, her work combines original research, unique perspectives, and action-bias. Alina is also a speaker, contributing author, and First Round Capital mentor.

Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker

Founder, The Content Studio

Tommy Walker is the founder of The Content Studio, a content marketing consultancy for high-growth B2B startups and Enterprises. Prior to founding The Content Studio, Tommy was the Global Editor-in-Chief at QuickBooks, the first marketing hire at Shopify Plus, and the first lead editor of


11:00am EDT

Qualitative Content Research: Subjective Analysis for Differentiated Content

Derek Gleason

How do you choose content topics? Most of us start with keyword research—from one of the same three or four tools that everyone else uses. Then, surprise, surprise, we end up writing the same article as everyone else. So where can you find a new, compelling angle to pitch your boss (or client) and woo site visitors? Derek walks you through a framework for qualitative content research to differentiate what you create.

11:30am EDT

Content Operations: How Teams GSD in 2021

Alina Benny

If you’ve been tossing blogs, ebooks, podcasts, and case studies out into the internet ad-hoc, then you know in your gut that there are still ways to maximize the value of your content. While it’s tempting to only focus on the jazzier side of content and SEO, there’s one crucial component that all successful content teams share — an airtight content operations system. Let’s talk about:

  • How content operations can maximize what you’re already producing
  • Specific processes and documentation that in-house teams use
  • How to get going with content ops irrespective of team sizes

12:00pm EDT

Content Operations: the Silent Killer of Designing a World-class Content Marketing Programs

Tommy Walker


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