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Chris Toy (MarketerHire) on Why Marketers Run the World, Adaptability for Survival, and the Generative AI Revolution

Chris Toy (MarketerHire) on Why Marketers Run The World, Adaptability for Survival, and the Generative AI Revolution

Are you ready to dive into the world of marketing and advertising?

In this episode, Chris Toy, CEO of MarketerHire, discusses various topics related to marketing and the challenges of adapting to new technologies and the competitiveness of the marketing industry.

Chris has been in the marketing game for over 20 years and has seen it all – from the days of generalist marketing to the rise of algorithmic advertising. But now, with the focus back on finding the right specialized experts for the job, Chris and his team are revolutionizing the industry with their flexible work engagements, lightning-fast hiring process, and access to pre-vetted specialists with mad skills in all kinds of marketing channels. 

So, let’s dive in and learned something new in this episode.


  • The Rise of Digital Marketing 
  • Resistance to digital advancements 
  • AI Advancements and Job Changes 
  • The line between distraction and innovation
  • Challenges of Creating Differentiated Content 
  • The Overwhelming Pace of Change
  • Personalization in Marketing 
  • Competitiveness in the Marketing Industry
  • The Rise of AI-Driven Solutions in Marketing
  • Advancements in Machine Learning
  • Rematching as a Feature

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Key Takeaways:

[00:14:43]  The Rise of Digital Marketing 

talk about the rise of digital marketing and experience working in direct response marketing, including the growth of email marketing and the evolution of Gray Direct into Gray Digital

[00:24:12] Resistance to Digital Advancements

discuss how some industries resisted digital advancements, but with AI, marketers have a huge opportunity to dictate what happens next

[00:28:03] AI Advancements and Job Changes 

talk about how AI advancements are affecting different industries and how some jobs may be lost but replaced by new ones

[00:29:58] The Line Between Distraction and Innovation 

discuss the challenge of balancing innovation and distraction, using AI and Clubhouse marketing as examples

[00:39:35] Challenges of Creating Differentiated Content 

talk about the challenges of creating differentiated content in a flooded market where everyone can do the same rehashing.

[00:43:11] The Overwhelming Pace of Change

talk about how the pace of change in the industry is increasing, and how overwhelming it can be to keep up with new tools and technologies like AI

[00:49:03] Personalization in Marketing 

discuss the evolution of personalization in marketing, from simply putting a name on a direct mail piece to using chatbots to write custom messages

[00:55:59] Competitiveness in the Marketing Industry 

discuss the unique trait of competitiveness in the marketing industry and how it is a live real-time knife fight

[01:00:06] The Rise of AI-driven Solutions in Marketing 

discuss the emergence of AI-driven solutions in marketing, including content marketing, media buying, and data mining

[01:08:10] Advancements in Machine Learning 

discuss how advancements in machine learning, such as GPT and chat CPT, have helped their company semantically understand data sets and improve their product

[01:09:01] Rematching as a Feature 

explain how their product allows for rematching with different marketers if the fit isn’t right, and how they prioritize speed in matching to account for fit

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