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AI as a Writing Partner, Not Human Replacement with Krista Doyle of Jasper

:AI as a Writing Partner, Not Human Replacement with Krista Doyle of Jasper

AI is no longer as futuristic as it used to be, it is now real and the major buzzword in the marketing industry. AI is constantly used to generate content of many forms, including social media posts, emails, articles, and artistic images. It is therefore no doubt that AI content generators cannot be ignored anymore. 

In this episode, Allie Decker is joined by Krista Doyle of Jasper to discuss the usage and implications of AI content generators. As a constant user of Jasper AI tool, Krista shares her experience and how best to utilize the new technology. She further discusses the Google ranking implications of publishing AI content, and how to avoid such consequences. 

Krista Doyle is a talented writer and content creator, known for her dynamic and engaging work across various mediums. She is currently a content strategist at, a leading provider of AI-powered customer service solutions.

With years of experience in the content creation industry, Krista has established herself as a leader in her field. She has previously served as the Marketing Manager, Content & Web Strategy at Twitter. She has also served in other companies including Nearby (Acquired by Twitter), Outdoorsy, Aceable, and IKO Brands among others.

Besides the enthusiastic talk on AI, Allie, and Krista discuss life outside work and how side projects help increase one’s daily productivity. 


  • Scaling from Individual to Enterprise Use
  • Maximizing The Full Potential of Jasper AI Content Generator
  • Using AI to Edit Content
  • What Are Some of the Biggest Arguments Against AI?
  • Should Companies Publish First Drafts of AI Generated Content?
  • Building Day-To-Day Confidence Using Side Projects
  • Demystifying AI Myths
  • Simple Content Is the Best

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Key Takeaways:

Scaling from Individual to Enterprise Use

Diversify the usage of your product to a wider audience

[11:12] “Yeah, so up until now, it’s been, I feel like the the major audience of Jasper are the users. They are like, single users or freelancers or people on, you know, very small teams, a lot of early adopters. But I think, you know, in the coming year, I think it’s going to shift a lot more toward there’s going to be widespread adoption on, you know, enterprise teams, and like people using it throughout their entire company, not just for marketing, I think the use cases are going to continue to develop for sales, customer service, legal, I think we’re gonna start to see it in other industries, like real estate, health care, you know, I just think that it’s going to become a lot more widespread and mainstream in the next couple of years. And that a lot of this fodder around, you know, AI versus humans or, like, kind of the, the skepticism around it, I think a lot of that is gonna fall off in the next year.”

Maximizing The Full Potential of Jasper AI Content Generator

Use the available AI templates to generate content 

[12:45] “Yeah, so I guess I will maybe talk about how I use it. Yes, sir. And like, maybe that’ll kind of help some people. But so basically, we just released a feature called workflows. And basically what it is, it kind of streams together, some of our content templates, like the one I use the most is called the blog post workflow. And so you kind of start and fill out, you know, what you want the blog posts to be about. And it’ll take you through creating an outline, creating a, you know, opening paragraph. And just basically throughout the entire creation process. And I use that to get to like a really good, rough draft. For example, like last week, I ended up creating a first draft of like a 3000 word article in like, 25 minutes, which is insane. Normally, that would take me several hours. And I think that where the confusion kind of sets in is, some people think that means you’re, you can just stop there and publish it as is but but really, it’s like, you can use that to save yourself five hours and then focus all of those extra hours and all that extra mental energy on now adding in like custom graphics, subject matter expert quotes. So I feel like right now for content people, that is my favorite use case. And then as an SEO, I use the our meta description, template religiously, to help kind of bang out a bunch of meta descriptions really quickly. And then I know a lot of people on our team use it for like social media copy. So yeah, it’s there’s a bunch of different ways to use it. And I know that like, as a content person, it’s really important to be able to, like quickly not only quickly create good content, but also how can we repurpose it and tools like this really helped me do that.”

Using AI to Edit Content

AI editors such as Grammarly help improve the quality of the work

[17:11] “That’s exactly it. It’s like Grammarly doesn’t make you any less of a writer, it doesn’t make you any less needed. And then it’s like, the same with like, how click up just because you have click up doesn’t mean you don’t need a project manager, you know, like, it just kind of helps you, you know, make your work better.”

What Are Some of the Biggest Arguments Against AI?

Most people fear that AI will replace their jobs

[19:47] “I mean, the argument that I hear the most, I think on Twitter and LinkedIn, from like, our marketing writing community, would be kind of the same, like journalism. One thing that you just described, I think people are scared that there are going to be people who are just kind of churning out rough, rough first draft AI content without any thought without any editing or, or care about whether it’s actually good or not, which some people might. And I think that, you know, it’s on companies like us to kind of help people understand why that’s not the best way to use Jasper or AI in general. But I think people are scared of that. And I think people are scared that that means they’re going to be less valuable as writers or that companies are going to choose this, like, journalism style over, you know, human writers. And I personally don’t think that’s true. But I can see if you are an outsider or new to the space that why you might be scared of that.”

Should Companies Publish First Drafts of AI Generated Content?

The AI generated first drafts are easily penalized by google ranking Algorithim

[21:10] “Yeah, I mean, as an SEO, I have dabbled in the affiliate world. And I know that a lot of affiliate sites may be tempted to use it in that way, just to get a lot of content on their site really quickly. But I would say that Google is not going to be a fan of that. And not because it’s AI content, but because it’s just not good. And I think that as we see more stuff rollout, like the helpful content update, algorithm change. I just think content that is bad or thin and thoughtless, will continue to be penalized. So whether you’re using an AI or human writers to churn stuff out like that, like that’s not going to be in your best interest.”

Building Day-To-Day Confidence Using Side Projects

Side projects break the daily work monotony thereby improving productivity

[25:00] “It cuz I will say yes, it’s helpful in the sense that I, podcasting has been a nice outlet for me because I’m not super. I’m not super extroverted. I am a little, like, shy when you first meet me. And so I feel like podcasting has been a good outlet because it just is so helpful to be able to talk about something that you’re interested in and like kind of practice interviewing people and talking to guests and just having a way to kind of let your personality show since maybe like in person, it’s a little harder to do that. So I feel like it’s, it’s been a good outlet for me to do that.”

Demystifying AI Myths

AI is here to improve productivity, not to replace humans

[31:54] “I think I would just say that it’s really not here to replace any human jobs. I can’t remember if I touched on that earlier or not. But I think that is something I believe and have believed since I started digging into it. Yeah, I don’t think it’s here to try to chase any of us away.”

Simple Content Is the Best

Straightforward content makes the best quality

[39:24] “I think we overthink what quality means, or I think we maybe overthink what our users might need out of our content. Or maybe just that there even is like an overarching definition of like, what high quality content means. I think, you know, if I’m as a user looking for a how to guide or like What’s the best XYZ? I’m not really looking for like a 5000 word literary masterpiece. And I think that sometimes we do we kind of think that that’s what’s needed out of out of everything.”

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Allie Decker

Allie is co-founder and Head of Client Success at Omniscient Digital. She previously led content initiatives at HubSpot and Shopify.