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Kyle Denhoff on HubSpot’s New Media Strategy, Podcasts, Creator Program, and Monetizing YouTube

Kyle Denhoff on HubSpot's New Media Strategy, Podcasts, Creator Program, and Monetizing YouTube

Kyle Denhoff, the Director of New Media at HubSpot, discussed the concept of every company being a media company and whether it applies to all businesses and the challenges of applying traditional marketing strategies to new channels like podcasts and YouTube 

He also touched on the potential for partnerships in the creator economy and the effectiveness of using video content for B2B brands and emphasized the importance of finding unique niches, providing value, and leveraging partnerships in the media space. 

This episode also talked about measurement and attribution for media properties and the importance of finding the right mix of strategies for a brand or marketer.


  • The Shift in Marketing Strategy
  • The Role of Media in Marketing 
  • Driving Demand through YouTube
  • Struggling with Diversification
  • Long-Term Commitment
  • The Creator Economy and Monetization Opportunities 
  • The Potential for Growth in the Creator Economy
  • Productivity Hack
  • Belief about Marketing
  • Committing to a Marketing Mix

Listen to the podcast:

Key Takeaways:

[00:02:18] The Shift in Marketing Strategy 

discussion on the shift in marketing strategy for B2B companies due to consumer shifts and the need to reach potential customers through new channels

[00:05:06] The Role of Media in Marketing 

exploration of the role of media in marketing and how it has evolved over time, with reference to HubSpot’s blogging and social media content

[00:11:41] Driving Demand through YouTube 

using YouTube to drive demand through educational and tutorial videos, linking to additional value in the description, and using the old playbook on new platforms

[00:21:20] Struggling with Diversification

creators trying to diversify too quickly by launching multiple channels (YouTube, newsletter, social media) can hinder growth

[00:25:30] Long-Term Commitment

building an audience and staying top of mind through media requires a long-term commitment of 12-24 months or more

[00:31:19] The Creator Economy and Monetization Opportunities 

discussion on how independent creators partner with boutique agencies to monetize their content through digital courses and ad sales

[00:33:15] The Potential for Growth in the Creator Economy 

analysis of the saturation point in the creator economy, with a focus on the podcast space being saturated while YouTube offers more green space for creators to carve out niches

[00:52:06] Productivity Hack 

discuss productivity hacks, including using a simple to-do app and writing down three tasks each day

[00:55:32] Belief about Marketing 

shares belief that not every company needs to be a media company and emphasizes the importance of depth and context in marketing strategies

[01:03:53] Committing to a Marketing Mix 

advice for marketers to determine and commit to a mix of brand, media, direct response, and acquisition investments that they believe will benefit their business over time

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