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Omniscient Digital presents

The Long Game

The Long Game focuses on personal and business success stories where long-term thinking triumphs over short-term plans.

Join us for interviews and discussions about the frameworks, learnings, and principles that allow them and their businesses to grow and flourish.

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Your hosts

Alex Birkett


David Ly Khim


allie decker omniscient digital

Allie Decker

Head of Content

Listeners and guests love The Long Game

My conversation with Alex has been my favorite podcast interview to date. Not only did he have some great, thought provoking questions, but the entire thing really did feel like a conversation instead of an interview.

Brooklin NashB2B Content Marketing Strategist and Consultant

My time with Allie was one of my favorite podcast conversations. Allie was naturally conversational and casual, which set a nice tone and comfortable environment, and led to an even better discussion. I also appreciated the structure and organization around the entire process, from the preparation, the recording, and the post-podcast process.

Chelsea CastleDirector of Content Marketing at Chili Piper

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