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Tactical Lessons in Change Management, the Preeminence of Messaging, and Risk Weighted Growth Portfolios with Alefiya Dhilla

Tactical Lessons in Change Management, the Preeminence of Messaging, and Risk Weighted Growth Portfolios with Alefiya Dhilla

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In this conversation, Alefiya Dhilla discusses her experience with the challenges of technology and productivity, the impact of AI and change management, the role of a measured marketer, the importance of generalists and specialists, navigating politics and emotional intelligence, building portfolios of growth bets, and the journey of her consulting firm, Full Turn. In this conversation, Alefiya Dhilla discusses the synergy of three lines of business and the value they bring to clients. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on early to mid-stage growth companies that prioritize profitable growth. Alefiya also expresses her passion for supporting small businesses and highlights how tech greed has underserved them. She believes that applying existing technologies to smaller businesses can help them thrive. The conversation delves into the power of messaging and the need for marketers to stay sharp by keeping up with the latest tools and practices. The discussion concludes with a reflection on the evolution of growth and brand marketing and the importance of fluid productivity and finding balance.

Key Takeaways

  • The challenges of technology and productivity, such as managing multiple tools and accounts, can hinder efficiency and require change management.
  • AI has the potential to transform businesses, but change management is crucial for successful integration and adoption.
  • Being a measured marketer involves thinking holistically about marketing, understanding risk and reward, and considering the business goals and customer needs.
  • Both generalists and specialists are valuable in marketing, and a combination of both skill sets can lead to success.
  • Navigating politics and emotional intelligence is essential for building relationships, gaining buy-in, and influencing decision-making.
  • Building portfolios of growth bets, including safe bets, optimizations, and moonshots, can help mitigate risk and drive innovation.
  • Full Turn Consulting offers growth advisory, marketing services, and analytics services to help businesses achieve their goals. The three lines of business—consulting, marketing services, and technology—work synergistically to provide the best value for clients.
  • Small businesses, particularly those focused on profitable growth, are underserved by tech companies that prioritize larger clients with higher margins.
  • Applying existing technologies and best practices to smaller businesses can help them thrive and compete in the market.
  • Messaging is the foundation of effective marketing, and understanding the target audience and their problems is crucial for successful communication.

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Time Stamps

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [03:00] The Challenges of Technology and Productivity
  • [06:00] The Impact of AI and Change Management
  • [11:00] The Role of a Measured Marketer
  • [14:30] The Importance of Generalists and Specialists
  • [18:30] Navigating Politics and Emotional Intelligence
  • [35:30] Building Portfolios of Growth Bets
  • [40:30] The Journey of Full Turn Consulting
  • [41:23] The Synergy of Three Lines of Business
  • [43:16] Passion for Small Businesses
  • [44:59] Tech Greed and Underserved Small Businesses
  • [46:42] The Counter Signal of Technical Expertise
  • [49:00] The Power of Messaging
  • [50:16] Practicing Scales: Staying Sharp in Marketing
  • [55:06] The Importance of Language in Marketing
  • [56:25] The Evolution of Growth and Brand Marketing
  • [01:05:33] Fluid Productivity and Finding Balance

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