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Redefining Thought Leadership with Ryan McCready (Reforge)

Redefining Thought Leadership with Ryan McCready (Reforge)

What is thought leadership? 

Some would say it’s the expression of ideas that demonstrate you have expertise in a particular field or topic. 

It could also be described as a tactic marketers use to build credibility for themselves in their company. 

Ryan McCready is the Managing Editor at Reforge. In this conversation, we dive into thought leadership and how we define it, why hot takes are the bedrock of thought leadership, and we talk about how to work with experts.

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Karissa Barcelo

Karissa is a Content Growth Marketer at Omniscient Digital. She enjoys producing and repurposing content with a killer marketing strategy behind it. She has a diverse background in video production, content strategy, and writing B2B blogs and customer success stories. Karissa has a passion for storytelling and turning complex ideas into relatable material. She lives in Las Vegas with her fiance, Sam.