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With Eric Hann, VP of Marketing and Mark Saltarelli, Director of Demand Generation

“Omniscient helped us make sense of 100+ dead blog posts with data-driven ways to make them useful. They're helping us build up our domain authority with excellent content strategy and production. They're proactive about sharing metrics and results and I get to watch our search rankings roll in each week. I have peace of mind about SEO and content.”

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blog conversions is a spend efficiency platform that helps businesses manage what they buy, how they buy it, and how they pay for it—saving them time and money. The company has revolutionized the purchase-to-pay process and helped its 300+ customers (including Marchesa, WeWork, Peloton, and Hugo Boss) save millions of dollars each year.

Omniscient Digital began working with the marketing team in late 2021. Since then, we’ve designed a sustainable organic growth engine, published over 125 pieces of content, driven dozens of qualified leads, and helped convert multimillion-dollar contracts. 

Here’s how.

Unsustainable reliance on paid led to exploring an organic growth engine

In 2021, the marketing team was focused on customer marketing and demand generation. Their organic content program was inconsistent, resulting in a stagnation in traffic and leads.

Site visitors were downloading content assets and expressed interest in the information, but they weren’t requesting demos or becoming customers—a common issue with content marketing engines.

At the time, the team of four was heavily reliant on paid marketing and outbound sales to bring in new customers. In fact, nearly 80% of their customers were acquired through outbound sales.

They were intent on building an inbound marketing engine to diversify their customer acquisition portfolio. They needed a trusted partner to help build a search-friendly content infrastructure and scale a high-quality, measurable content program to achieve their demand generation goals.

Starting the climb: Building the organic growth infrastructure and Omniscient Digital kickstarted their content program with a high-velocity publishing cadence while maintaining high-quality content standards.

We aimed to grow organic traffic by producing product-led content based on their key personas and targeting topics and keywords focused on product use cases. This content would support customer acquisition as weathered a major rebrand and site redesign. was also redefining and tightening its definition of its ideal customer profile (ICP) to expand its reach into new industries. The content would help them reach those new ICP industries.

Aligning on business goals and the Omniscient team sat down for an intensive Q&A to ensure the team understood the business model, business goals, growth strategy, success metrics, guardrails, and any other relevant marketing initiatives. was rebranding from Negotiatus when they engaged Omniscient. They were also in the middle of a full website redesign to support the rebrand. They wanted to maintain their existing traffic throughout the rebrand and redesign.

This context was important in defining the order of operations: the and Omniscient teams started by making sure the rebrand and redesign were a success in terms of SEO before implementing new programs.

Auditing the current library

Omniscient Digital’s content audit used a data-driven approach that combined insights from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs.

The content audit reviewed over 100 blog posts written and published by previous content marketers. While this content had laid a strong foundation for the blog, the content wasn’t aligned to the newly defined ICPs nor was it optimized for conversions. This explained why the blog was failing to bring in qualified leads.

Omniscient identified posts to rewrite, update, repurpose into conversion assets or landing pages, or delete to help get more traffic and conversions out of the existing content library. Omniscient also conducted an SEO audit to support the rebrand, identifying all pages with links to the old domain and links to 404s that needed to be redirected or updated.

Paving a new content strategy

Next, Omniscient focused on building a content strategy that matched’s ICP at each stage of the buying journey and used product-led content to capture visitors. worked with the Omniscient team to develop a full-funnel content roadmap which required team interviews, competitive analysis, content gap analysis, and keyword discovery. This research, paired with the content audit, uncovered new, relevant content and SEO opportunities for

Producing and optimizing content

Omniscient then deployed its internal editorial team to bring the content roadmap to fruition, fully managing the production of net new and optimized content opportunities from brief phase to clicking publish. 

In tandem, the team built valuable backlinks with a minimum domain rating of 50 to’s most relevant pages.

As the content production process was humming along, and Omniscient worked together to improve the blog conversion rate. Over the course of the year, the conversion rate was improved by 300%.

The story of 2022: Sustainable organic traffic growth

Our initial content audit, strategy, and production project proved successful. significantly grew organic blog sessions and began turning content into a growth channel for user acquisition and revenue.

Between February 2022 and 2023, monthly organic blog sessions have grown by 1682%.

When breaking out updates of existing content, grew monthly organic traffic to their pre-existing content by 600% since between March 2022 and 2023.

As of February 2022, appeared on the Google search engine results page (SERPs) for only 524 keywords. By the end of February 2023, they appeared on the SERPs for 6,317 keywords.

Of those, they appeared on the first page for 921 keywords.

Blog conversion rate improved 13X.

With the increase in blog conversion rate, also saw an 11X increase of monthly conversions from the blog (blog subscribers, leads, and MQLs).

The story of 2023: Moving the needle with conversions and revenue

While Omniscient Digital and were thrilled with the results of the first year of work together, the teams knew there was much more to be done.

In early 2023, Omniscient asked: how could the better engage their multitude of new site visitors? Could continue to grow conversions and—better yet—see true revenue growth from these inbound marketing efforts?

The answer: yes.

Firstly, Omniscient continued to audit for the highest-impact content opportunities, whether net new or optimizations. This preserved the strong organic traffic foundation laid in 2022 while the teams explored new content types to drive more conversions and pipeline.

At the end of 2023, appeared on the first page of Google for 1,895 keywords—up 106%.

Certain major wins for extremely relevant keywords demonstrated how strong’s topical authority had become: “accounts payable vs. notes payable,” “software purchase order,” and “purchase order management,” which have all won position #1, and “procurement” (with 550,000 average monthly searches) moved up from not appearing in the search results to position #5.

In the past year, while focus has been primarily on growing conversions, organic traffic continued to grow by 72.5%.  Moreover, has seen 33.6 million brand impressions from SEO. Based on their investment in content internally and with Omniscient, has found that organic impressions now cost them only .006$ per impression—a huge win for its organic growth program.

In addition to search-friendly content, Omniscient branched out into deeper and more specific content that targeted use cases, answered common questions from prospects, and accurately portrayed the product. Omniscient spent time with the Sales and Product teams, getting closer to the problems that the product solved. 

According to Eric Hann, VP of Marketing, and Mark Saltarelli, newly-promoted Director of Demand Generation at, these pieces were able to succeed because the two teams have collaborated for so long. Omniscient Digital’s process enabled the team to be deeply enmeshed in the interworkings of clients’ businesses.

Omniscient expanded production for to include conversion assets—actionable content assets that live behind a form. Omniscient also produced landing pages with search-friendly copy as well as highly targeted email sequences to help nurture those who downloaded each asset.

These two additions to the content strategy allowed to continue to grow conversions from organic by 300%. Moreover, an average of ~70% of these conversions are from content downloads.

In 2023, MQLs for tripled, and the team closed three major customers from the organic growth program.

One particular customer closed in December 2023 led to enough revenue to cover the entire investment has made with Omniscient Digital.

Through a long engagement with, Omniscient’s content strategy has helped them to grow organic search from a flagging channel to a robust source of brand impressions, leads and revenue. The full scope of work together shows the power of SEO as a sustainable inbound marketing channel when given proper runway.

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