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Well I guess this is growing up (on pausing the podcast)

We paused our podcast.

The Long Game has driven directly attributable leads for our agency. It has been the centerpiece of our content creation and repurposing efforts. It has grown to a sizable audience, especially for a B2B marketing podcast.

But we chose to take a little breather.


Mainly, we had a whole bunch of big, new clients to service.

Additionally, since we knew we had a good thing going, we wanted to make sure we were doing it to the best of our abilities. We’re all fans here of “minimum viable tests,” but our podcast, at 174 episodes, has long since passed the “test” phase. Yet, we still hadn’t optimized our sound quality, video quality, nor our promotional strategy. Nor had we truly polished off the format that we had envisioned.

So instead of plodding on, rowing against the wind, we decided to step back and gear up for V2, which should drop in a month or so.

This podcast explains where we’re at, what we’ve been up to at Omniscient, principles that have guided us since the beginning, a few failed experiments we’ve tried, and our plans for the future of the podcast.


Episode Notes

None – just listen to the episode. It’s basically housekeeping.

Alex Birkett

Alex is a co-founder of Omniscient Digital. He loves experimentation, building things, and adventurous sports (scuba diving, skiing, and jiu jitsu primarily). He lives in Austin, Texas with his dog Biscuit.