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Field Notes

Field Notes #021: Gaining Buy-in for 2023 (+ a Thank You from Our Team)

gaining buy-in for 2023 (+ a thank you from our team)

It’s planning season, y’all. Holidays are aplenty, and the new year is right around the corner.

We’ve been doing our own 2023 planning here at Omniscient—OKRs and all.

One big point of discussion for us is what role content marketing will play next year. If you missed it, we’re aiming to write and publish 100 blog posts in December. Why? We’re testing the limits of our content operations setup and looking to ramp up marketing while other folks wind down.

(We just kicked off the project this week. Stay tuned for results.)

However, what and how we will invest in content marketing throughout the next year is a question we’ve yet to answer fully. But we know it’ll play a large role in how we continue to grow Omniscient.

As an SEO and content marketing agency, we’re all bought into the power of content. We also help the content and marketing teams who hire us gain buy-in from their leadership.

As you build your 2023 plans, you may need buy-in for your content strategy. This involves things like building bridges with Sales, Customer Success, and Product; getting budget approval for freelancers or agencies, headcount, promotion spend, and software; and encouraging participation from subject matter experts and executives in your company.

Where do you start? We say with your CMO (or whoever leads your marketing team). They need to be on board if you want to make the above happen.

The challenge is showing them how content helps meet business goals. Here’s how:

  1. Show the numbers and speak to business goals. A CMO is held to metrics, and they’ll hold you to them, too. Make sure that whatever strategy you develop is tied to larger business goals. Whether it’s generating leads or winning X free trial users, model out how your approach will help the company with its wider business strategy. Don’t just create content for content’s sake—CMOs won’t buy into that. When developing a content strategy, first identify growth opportunities. Next, summarize what could happen if you invested in those opportunities. Finally, work backward to figure out what you need to get there.
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  2. Ask before you tell. Instead of presenting your plans right out of the gate, lead with curiosity. Sit down with Sales, Product, and Customer Success and ask them what’s missing. How can Content help? What can you create that can double as sales enablement, product activation, or help center content? If your ideas support the goals of more than one team, your CMO may be more inclined to support them. 
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  3. Think creatively to fill gaps. If your company already has a content strategy, explore what content types are missing or find ways to level up the existing process. However, more doesn’t always mean better. Consider ways to cut costs and get the most out of your content through creative distribution and internal production. Got an idea that doesn’t yet have buy-in from the CMO? Play by the rules first before diverging from the expected. Start small and scrappy, test for results, then request an investment when you can demonstrate a win.
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Lastly, be patient. Times are tough, and not all companies are taking big bets. That’s OK. A new year doesn’t always mean sweeping changes, experimental projects, or big investments.

If you or your leadership team are taking things slow in 2023, here’s our best advice:

  • Double down on what’s working, and make the most of your current content and team
  • Keep your eye on the prize—revenue
  • Pay attention to your customers. How are they buying? How are they interacting with your product and content? What can you learn from them?
  • Stay agile, and keep moving forward

You’re not alone. Listen to more of our discussion about how we’re navigating the recession here.

Allie Decker

Allie is co-founder and Head of Client Success at Omniscient Digital. She previously led content initiatives at HubSpot and Shopify.